Coca-Cola ad is Un-American, says Twitter

Coca-Cola had the gall – THE GALL – to air an ad that featured "America the Beautiful" being sung in multiple languages, and Twitter wasn't happy with it. No sir, not at all: Sorry CocaCola, but I do not appreciate hearing "America The Beautiful" being sung in a variety of FOREIGN languages. — Charm Of […]

Budweiser Super Bowl ad is going for maximum cute

I will make a disclaimer before writing this: I am from St. Louis. My next disclaimer is that I honestly don't drink Bud, unless it's hot outside and the beer is really cold. Despite the latter and probably because of the former, I find Budweiser's Super Bowl advertisements to be traditionally the cream of the […]

KHL team’s promotional ads are delightfully cheesy

There is something about watching ads for a foreign country that is just fun, especially when they're ads for something familiar back here in North America. American hockey commercials (as well as Canadian ones) are full of grit and determination. The players are serious. They squint. They have all of Canada behind them as well […]

Bank of America chose a terrible song for their commercial

Bank of America is probably not one of America's favorite businesses for various and sundry reasons that I won't get into here. I can understand their need to work their image into something relatable, something "folksy," something "trendy middle class guy."  They could've done a little better job picking their soundtrack. Those of you with […]

Jenny McCarthy’s blu eCig ad is delightfully ironic

Jenny McCarthy is one of many celebrity spokesmen for blu eCigs, which you may have seen featured in the opening monologue at the Golden Globe awards. They have managed to become the "cool eCig," the one with the famous people attached. I personally think it's because of the pretty blue light at the tip of […]

Taco Bell’s grilled stuft nacho commercial raises questions

During hockey season, I will admit that really the only live TV that I watch are hockey games. Most games are broadcast on a Fox Sports network, and most games have the Taco Bell Grilled Stuft (stuffed?) Nacho ("nacho?") commercial in heavy rotation. Initially I tuned these ads out, but being forced to watch them […]