Hello Flo is back with another ad about that time of the month

You might remember this ad from Hello Flo which featured a young girl at summer camp dishing out advice about that time of the month. It was a huge hit and to date has racked up almost eight million views on YouTube. Hello Flo is back and this time they’re tackling a different problem.

Two lessons to learn here:

1. Periods don’t have to be a subject everyone ignores. As Hello Flo has proven, ads can be made about the subject which aren’t totally gross and are even quite entertaining.
2. No need to lie about your period. You might be punished with your First Moon Party and that might be the most uncomfortable thing ever.

This latest ad from Hello Flo has been an even bigger success, generating over 14.6 million views in just a little over five days. Give credit to the company for creating an advertising campaign which will even appeal to demographics which will have no use for their product.

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