Jenny McCarthy’s blu eCig ad is delightfully ironic

Jenny McCarthy is one of many celebrity spokesmen for blu eCigs, which you may have seen featured in the opening monologue at the Golden Globe awards. They have managed to become the "cool eCig," the one with the famous people attached. I personally think it's because of the pretty blue light at the tip of them.

The blue light must be what attracted McCarthy to the product.

I know that she says things about "no smell," "no taste," "doesn't make her teeth turn yellow," but you know as well as I do that's not why she signed the contract to be in those ads. It's the light. That's not what makes this ad deliciously ironic, however. eCigs are often billed as a safer alternative to smoking, or an aid to help people quit. There hasn't been much research done to substantiate those claims or to see what the long term results of smoking are.

Jenny McCarthy supports a product that has no long term research studies behind it. I'll just end it on that.

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