Dora sells insurance for GEICO

GEICO makes funny commercials – it’s what it does. So it makes sense that a decade after starting main stream advertising they have no trouble finding a new slogan and a few funny commercials to go along with it.

From “It’s So Simple a Caveman Could Do It” to its current “It’s What You Do,” GEICO has been successful at making funny ads that politely remind us that I could save 15% or more on car insurance if I switch.

Bienvenidos! Dora explores better than these travelers – it’s what she does. Dora’s childlike innocence comes across as biting sarcasm. That makes her the perfect backpack carrier for GEICO. The other spots with the same slogan are equally funny and capitalize on old campaigns. Intertwining the entertaining slogan spots with Gecko spots make GEICO one of the best promoted companies in America.

GEICO brings back the “Hump Day” success in “It’s What You Do” campaign.

GEICO utilizes the current screaming goat internet sensation in another funny bit.

The insurance company won’t stop flooding our screens with funny ads for the foreseeable future so we might as well embrace the humor in them.

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