Amazon Prime Air gives us a glimpse of the future

I used to get the magazine Popular Science and on most pages there would be a device due out in 2012 or 2013 that would be the most revolutionary/futuristic thing I’d ever seen. I haven’t seen a single one of those ideas ever come to fruition and it’s now 2015. This feels like finally Popsci […]

Emirates Airlines’ ad is awe-inspiring

There are traditional mediums of advertising like television, radio, ect; and then there are (relatively) new ways to get your brand out there like viral stunt marketing. A frontier led by Red Bull who seem to pull something off every year. Their sponsored stunts take the internet by storm and reach millions. Emirates takes that idea […]

Barbie makes the cutest ad in history

Barbie has been criticized in the past for how it creates an unrealistic body image for young girls. Recently, Barbie has been fighting that perception with products and advertising focused on empowering young girls as the toy company tries to fix its image problem. This ad goes a long way in that effort because it sends […]

The DUI King screws up royally

This is awful. Totally, completely, disastrously awful. It’s like an onion of ‘awful’ where you keep peeling away layers and there’s just more despicable, diabolical, awful onion.

NFL Network won’t air aggressive Deflategate ad

Daily fantasy is taking over sports advertising if you haven’t noticed. With Draft Kings and FanDuel being first to the table, it’s hard for the other websites to get into the market., which I had never heard of before, decided to gamble to get some attention. The commercial mocks the NFL’s Deflategate mess and […]

Buffalo Wild Wings goes the extra yard with Jordy Nelson

It’s too bad Green Bay wide receiver Jordy Nelson is out for the year with a torn ACL. So far he’s making the most of it by doing a national commercial with Buffalo Wild Wings where he surprises unsuspecting Packer fans with some fantasy football advice. These surprise ads can be found on TV all […]

Google changes its font and it’s kind of a big deal

It’s amazing how much of a stir can be caused by a change of font. In Google’s case, the hoopla is warranted. It’s one of the world’s biggest companies and it’s visual marketing is based almost entirely on 6 letters. Any change of those letters is likely to be noticed because how much traffic the […]

Japanese airline ANA is really excited for the Star Wars movie

Who knew the Japanese love Star Wars? In a cross promotion with Disney, ANA is rolling out three impressive and expensive Boeing 787 planes to showcase their favorite droids in the movies. It’s called the ANA Star Wars project and their website for it is pretty incredible including a themed intro. The idea to put […]

Colonel Sanders has a new face: Norm Macdonald

KFC gave up on Darrell Hammond so fast. Maybe he was a little too creepy for the masses, but in my mind he was a great Colonel Sanders with his charming giggle and accent. Norm Macdonald now takes his place in a slew of new ads that are self aware of the change at the […]

Arby’s says thanks to Jon Stewart for making fun of them

Jon Stewart and Arby’s have had a long relationship where Jon dishes easy jokes and Arby’s tweets back or just takes the flak. With Jon signing off on Thursday night, the feud ended and Arby’s sent a reply back sarcastically thanking Jon – at least I think it was sarcastic.

GEICO brings the Cavemen back

I’ve written before about Geico’s amazing advertising but every so often we need a reminder. One of the most impressive things they’ve done is run great ad campaigns all year along with the headliners, the Gecko and the Cavemen,  mixed in. They are the characters we most associate with Geico so their value to the company […]

The Honda family sings Weezer, somehow makes people angry

It’s not often a car commercial is unique and interesting. Most would rather sell features and 0% APR instead of a feeling. The newest Honda Pilot ad goes all out for the loving family feeling with a boring car ride turned sing-a-long. It helps that all the actors are good singers and the song choice […]

Dannon Oikos cleverly combines online dating and yogurt

Television is plagued with ads from online dating sites. They all look and sound the same, except for the few quirky ones like (city folks just don’t get it). So it’s pretty cool to see a yogurt company, Dannon Oikos, taking a shot at those ads while promoting their Oikos brand in the same […]

Hello Jerry: Hulu introduces Seinfeld to the family

Hulu is making its jump into the deep end with a splash. In this animated commercial, the streaming service showcases its newest toy – every Seinfeld ever. I’m surprised that they decided to go animated when they have the rights to the video of one of the most popular shows in the world. In any […]