Emirates Airlines’ ad is awe-inspiring

There are traditional mediums of advertising like television, radio, ect; and then there are (relatively) new ways to get your brand out there like viral stunt marketing. A frontier led by Red Bull who seem to pull something off every year. Their sponsored stunts take the internet by storm and reach millions.

Emirates takes that idea and doubles down, spending the time and resources to do it right, and boy they did it right.

The first time I saw it my jaw dropped. Being somewhat of an airplane person, the Airbus A380 is a beautiful plane in flight and the video they were able to obtain of the Jet is incredible. It’s not often the internet is introduced to something it’s never seen before so there was obvious hoopla.

The video now has 15 million views, was a trending topic on Facebook, and became morning news and talk show fodder. I’ll admit though that half of the 15 million views were mine. Emirates only disseminated this video through their social media accounts and through Jetman Dubai, whom Emirates paired up with to create the video. Jetman Dubai had previously generated 10 million views for their flight without the A380 Jumbo Jet so Emirates decision to pair up was a smart one.

The proof of concept is there so Emirates doesn’t have to worry about making an expensive ad without at least a 10 million view baseline. The result of their work is an exceptional ad that encapsulates the beauty of flight.

P.S. They gifted those interested with how it was captured.

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