GEICO brings the Cavemen back

I’ve written before about Geico’s amazing advertising but every so often we need a reminder. One of the most impressive things they’ve done is run great ad campaigns all year along with the headliners, the Gecko and the Cavemen,  mixed in. They are the characters we most associate with Geico so their value to the company is huge. Bringing the Cavemen back is another good move, although this commercial isn’t anything special.

The ad isn’t especially funny, however it does allow a place for Geico’s mostly no name professional golfers to get their day in the sun. This spot was probably run during the recent Golf Majors and will continue to be run during the golf season. Geico is capitalizing on it’s proven characters and current events to put together another effective campaign. The real fun is going back and watching the old Cavemen ads which originally aired in 2004. They are awesome.

The first Caveman spot came out of nowhere and was hilarious, so they created a story arc about the offended neanderthals that lasted and created buzz. If this campaign was started in our current social media climate, it would have been an even bigger deal.

The modern caveman is a mostly a funny one.

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