Nissan football ad is quite cringeworthy, especially the butt slap

Car commercials can be difficult to pull off.  You can take the easy route (no pun intended) and go with the impersonal car driving fast on twisty road with a beautiful backdrop, say a few buzz words, and tell us what I can lease it for at 0% or buy it with no money down.

The more challenging road (pun intended) is making it personal and creating characters while also showing off the car. In this respect, Nissan failed. It’s not an overwhelmingly awful advertisement, but you’ll cringe by the end anyway.

The ad just comes across very forced. This woman is seemingly whipping this car in and out of traffic and accelerating around city corners like it’s Mario Kart whilst bantering with her boyfriend. The banter is a little cheesy and while her knowledge of her football team is impressive (though extraordinarily vague), it’s completely discredited by the real life Tennessee Titans.

The Titans play at Nissan Stadium and are one of the worst teams in the NFL and have been for years. When the actress says “Our running back is a beast,” I can’t help but laugh because in no known universe do the Titans have a beast running back. They have 4 running backs and none of them are good, so while the female character is meant to sound knowledgeable about football, it comes across as the opposite.

Then comes the forced butt slap. It’s cringeworthy right up until the end.

P.S. This is how you advertise a car with characters

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