The DUI King screws up royally

This is awful. Totally, completely, disastrously awful. It’s like an onion of ‘awful’ where you keep peeling away layers and there’s just more despicable, diabolical, awful onion.

I swear I didn’t use a thesaurus, these are just the words that come to mind when I see this… party bus? What the hell is that. I’m not the P.C. police but the picture of the scantily-clad woman with alcohol is so outrageous, it’s indefensible.

Whoever thought to make this paint job needs to get his/her head checked. “Getting clients off year after year” is a clever double entendre for a lawyer, but it would better suit a fictional low-life like Saul Goodman than a real lawyer. It’s hard to believe this ad isn’t from a TV show.

The DUI King has made his mark, and although his advertising is awful, his clientele aren’t the smartest bunch. Good decision making, like taking a taxi home or picking a good defense lawyer, isn’t the clients’ strong suit. That’s what makes him the King.

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