The Honda family sings Weezer, somehow makes people angry

It’s not often a car commercial is unique and interesting. Most would rather sell features and 0% APR instead of a feeling. The newest Honda Pilot ad goes all out for the loving family feeling with a boring car ride turned sing-a-long. It helps that all the actors are good singers and the song choice is great.

That fuzzy feeling you get at the end is what the commercial is all about. ‘This is a family car’ is the message. The song “Buddy Holly” by Weezer is now stuck in my head since I watched the commercial and I’m not the only one with the affliction. Having that link gives the ad more value because the viewer can associate the song with Honda any time it comes on.

Now whether the kids in the car would have heard of the song is up for debate because you’d have to be at least 20 to have been a fetus when “Buddy Holly” debuted. The song came out in 1994 and its popularity has since faded along with AOL and fax machines. Despite that, it’s a good song to bring back and it works well in this spot. Although not everyone agrees with me. There has been some negative takes on the ad saying it’s annoying or it ruined the song, but it’s been mostly positive reviews. Just don’t as these people.

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