Awful Classics: Call up the New Kids on the Block

Nothing quite says the ’90s like New Kids on the Block and phone numbers which start with 1-900. This incredibly awful trip down nostalgia lane combines those two ideas as the New Kids urge you to call their 1-900 number in order to join their fan club.

Awful Classics: Gatorade’s Gator Gum

Do you remember Gator Gum from Gatorade? It was designed to be a chewing gum which had a “unique mouth-watering formula” which would help quench thirst. It sounds like a ridiculous idea – gum quenching your thirst – which is why the product was discontinued in 1989. If you’re wondering, the commercials were about as […]

Top 10 Mac vs. PC Commercials

Even though it’s been a while since the Mac vs. PC ad campaign from Apple debuted (now it’s just them one-upping their own technology), I remember them well and recall that they had some gems.  So this week’s top 10 list is brought to you by Apple. 10) Viruses ZwQpPqPKbAw[/youtube] Poor PC is sick […]