Poker player Phil Hellmuth is in a Carl’s Jr. ad

Has Carl’s Jr. / Hardee’s convinced you to buy a burger through their continuous use of sexual commercials? No? Well, maybe this ad with poker player Phil Hellmuth will do the trick. In what can only be described as an odd strategic reversal, the burger chain went from smoking ladies rubbing burgers all over their face […]

ESPN’s incredible animated commercial celebrates NBA Finals history

Remember just a couple of days ago when we discussed that this NBA playoff commercial might be the best playoff commercial of 2013? We'd like to take our vote back. ESPN has raised the bar with this incredible piece of animation from London-based animator Richard Swarbrick which highlights some of the greatest moments in NBA […]

Sara Jean Underwood and Emily Ratajkowski love Carl’s Jr 2WD3QrhqyY0[/youtube] At least I think that is the premise of the commercial.  See, being a male, I have watched it multiple times and every time I see Underwood's stomach I start thinking about body shots and lose all train of thought.  Carl's Jr has stayed true to its roots on this one.  They know […]