Ikea delivers perfect response to $2,145 imitator bag

Sometimes, high-fashion imitates regular, boring old’ everyday items. In this case, we’re not talking about Andy Warhol painting Campbell’s Soup cans, but instead, Balenciaga’s $2,145 carrying bag, inspired by Ikea’s 99-cent, iconic blue tote. Balenciaga’s Ikea inspiration is obvious. But, the bag is leather and much more accessible as a luxury item. Although, Ikea’s 99 cent bag […]

IKEA recreates tricycle scene from The Shining

IKEA Singapore has raised the bar for Halloween advertisements. Instead of following the path of nearly every other company out there and producing a lame, low-effort piece of Halloween garbage, IKEA Singapore made a brilliant parody of the infamous tricycle scene from The Shining.