The two Old Spice guys meet in new commercial

Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews have both starred in some immensely successful commercials for Old Spice. We could sit around and debate which Old Spice guy is better – Mustafa’s smooth “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” or Crews’ shouting, muscular portrayal – but we’ve never been forced to have that conversation. Until now, […]

Old Spice continues their journey into bizarre with Nature commercials

Old Spice has a new line of products which are all inspired by nature. Their new smells – Timber, Amber and Citron – are featured in some new Old Spice ads which continue the company’s descent into the bizarre. A while back, we praised Old Spice for breaking the mold and trying new ideas. Their […]

Old Spice keeps rolling out dumb robot ads

You may recall that we’ve previously ripped on Old Spice and their robot ads. Usually we do the “one and done” policy when it comes to ripping on a particular campaign (OK, there are exceptions to that rule) so that we don’t belittle our readers with the same companies over and over again. Old Spice […]

Old Spice’s robot on the beach commercial is pretty creepy

Old Spice may have given us a creepy glimpse of the future with their robot on the beach commercial. As we all cautiously prepare for the inevitable reign of Skynet, Old Spice insists on showing us this horrifying humanoid basically crushing a woman to death.

Greg Jennings is the newest Old Spice Guy 0jQZ9pKzcCY[/youtube] Old Spice is rolling out a new NFL marketing campaign centered around their new lineup, the Old Spice Champion Scent.  The commercial features Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings as the new "Old Spice Guy" and is stupid to say the least. These commercials used to make me laugh but when I […]