Trump ad gains new life after golden shower claims

A golden advertisement for President-Elect Donald Trump’s ‘Trump Tower’ has resurfaced following bizarre, unsubstantiated reports, which are simultaneously gross and hilarious. This week a scandal broke out after Buzzfeed published a doozy of a 35-page document compiled by a British intelligence operative which claimed Russian officials have a secret recording of Trump watching prostitutes pee (yes) […]

Frozen Yogurt company apologizes for ‘Grab ‘Em by the Fro-Yo’ ad

A New York-based frozen yogurt chain is apologizing for parodying Donald Trump’s “grab em’ by the p—y comments in an advertisement. 16 Handles sent an email out to subscribers with the headline “We’re Making Fro-Yo Great Again,” a play on Trump’s “Make American Great Again,” campaign slogan. Within the body of the email was another play […]

Donald Trump Japanese parody advertisement defies explanation

You know you’ve made something brilliant when it’s both amazing, confusing and intoxicating. That’s exactly what YouTube’s Mike Diva did when he decided to make a Japanese-styled Donald Trump commercial. It’s one of the most bizarre things you’ll ever see. The ad defies explanation, but I’ll try my best. In the spot, we’re shown a […]