KFC’s latest ad would be perfect for mostly anyone, well, besides KFC

KFC’s latest ad is cute, fun, and features some perfect music. So what’s the problem? It makes me care about the chicken it’s advertising should be eaten. Plus, it’s messed up beyond that. In the fast-food joints latest spot, DMX’s “X Gon’ Give It To You” plays while a cute chicken bobs his head to […]

KFC Australia apologizes for NSFW ‘Hot & Spicy’ tweet

KFC decided to use sex to sell chicken, and it went as well as expected. In advance of ‘Hot & Spicy’ chicken coming to Australia, KFC Australia sent out the following tweet last Thursday, showing pixelated ‘Hot & Spicy’ chicken, which looks like a sexual image. I think you can make a guess to what […]

Colonel Sanders has a new face: Norm Macdonald

KFC gave up on Darrell Hammond so fast. Maybe he was a little too creepy for the masses, but in my mind he was a great Colonel Sanders with his charming giggle and accent. Norm Macdonald now takes his place in a slew of new ads that are self aware of the change at the […]

The Darrell Hammond KFC ads remain spectacularly weird, but maybe that’s OK

I’ve talked about KFC’s relaunch of Colonel Sanders in the past, and my conclusion then was the results of the rebranding effort were mixed. The ads were bizarre. Instead of the sweet old Colonel that was shown in the ads of old, they replaced their iconic founder with former SNL impressionist Darrell Hammond – and that’s a […]

A show called “Amish Mafia” is coming to Discovery

Trends in television programming are fascinating. When one channel sees big numbers, other channels scramble and offer their own take on the given topic. We've seen auction shows, gold hunting shows, redneck shows and most recently a wave of programming focusing on the Amish. Yes, the Amish are one of the hottest topics on television. […]