Arby’s says thanks to Jon Stewart for making fun of them

Jon Stewart and Arby’s have had a long relationship where Jon dishes easy jokes and Arby’s tweets back or just takes the flak. With Jon signing off on Thursday night, the feud ended and Arby’s sent a reply back sarcastically thanking Jon – at least I think it was sarcastic.

Arby’s has Pepsi!

Arby’s has an agreement with Pepsi to mention the soft drink company in two commercials a year. Apparently they forgot (oops) and wanted to make amends by dedicating an entire 30-second spot to Pepsi. The result is possibly the best commercial Arby’s has ever made.

Arby’s, please stop running the King’s Hawaiian BBQ Brisket ad

Arby’s new sandwich, the King’s Hawaiian BBQ Brisket, features smoked brisket, pickles and something called Smoky Q Sauce on a King’s Hawaiian bun. Odds are you already knew this because Arby’s apparently bought every commercial slot available for what seems like weeks, if not months.

Domino’s Getting Their Digs in on Pizza Hut in New Ad Spot

  Think Michigan vs. Ohio State Think Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees. Rivalry is what keeps sports alive.  It is also what makes or breaks a business.  In this case, we are talking Domino's vs. Pizza Hut.  This rivalry is 15+ years old and it continues to impress me.  Although neither company calls […]