Burger King’s latest ad has pissed off the royal family in Belgium

If Burger King wants to land a successful launch in Belgium, it might be wise to suspend their first ad campaign which bizarrely pokes fun at the Belgian royal family. Somehow, Burger King managed to piss off King Phillippe of Belgium by running an ad campaign website that forces users to pick “who is the king?” […]

Burger King’s latest ad blatantly attempts to activate voice-controlled devices

Genius marketing or invasive marketing ploy? That’s the big question surrounding Burger King’s controversial new ‘Connected Whopper’ Ad. Burger King’s latest campaign has drawn both criticism and praise for its blatant attempt to take over Google voice-controlled devices. In the spot, an employee says he can’t explain what the Whopper was in the parameters of […]

A closer look at Burger King crashing the big fight

According to Fortune, Burger King paid Floyd Mayweather $1 million dollars to have BK’s mascot, The King, appear in the boxer’s entourage. I am fully aware that by writing this I am assisting Burger King’s goal to cause a stir on the Internet and falling, so perhaps I can take a different direction than the […]

Burger King: When Chicken met Fries

Burger King has returned the famous Chicken Fries. Each year these rebranded chicken tenders are released on a limited basis to create buying interest. This year the ads have been wacky. Burger King has focused on talking chickens finding love with fries and have insinuated Chicken Fries are the love-child. The ad above features a selective male […]

Burger King ditches “Have It Your Way” in favor of “Be Your Way”

The familiar Burger King slogan “Have It Your Way” has officially been retired. The fast food chain is now rolling out their new “Be Your Way” slogan which is taking the place of the old 40-year-old jingle. The change is supposed to make customers feel like they can be what they want and live that […]

Go Daddy and Danica Patrick team up for Super Bowl 47

The relationship between Danica Patrick and Go Daddy continues. A report from NBC Sports indicates that Patrick will have two Go Daddy commercials airing during this year's Super Bowl. Patrick initially joined forces with Go Daddy back in 2007 and has since done 22 commercials for the domain provider.  We appreciate that Go Daddy is […]