Europe blasts ‘The Final Countdown’ in an office in GEICO ad

Have you ever wondered whatever happened to the band Europe? You know the guys that released the hit song “The Final Countdown” in 1986? I know I haven’t. Well, like fellow rocker Billy Idol, they’re starring in commercials these days, as the group appears in this new spot by GEICO.

GEICO brings the Cavemen back

I’ve written before about Geico’s amazing advertising but every so often we need a reminder. One of the most impressive things they’ve done is run great ad campaigns all year along with the headliners, the Gecko and the Cavemen,  mixed in. They are the characters we most associate with Geico so their value to the company […]

Dora sells insurance for GEICO

GEICO makes funny commercials – it’s what it does. So it makes sense that a decade after starting main stream advertising they have no trouble finding a new slogan and a few funny commercials to go along with it. From “It’s So Simple a Caveman Could Do It” to its current “It’s What You Do,” […]

Ickey Woods does the “Ickey Shuffle” in GEICO ad

GEICO is a company we rip on regularly here at Awful Ads. Rightfully so. Most of their ads are just abysmal attempts to appeal to a demographic we haven’t quite yet figured out. Still, every now and then GEICO churns out an ad we can’t help but praise. The Dikembe Mutombo spot is a perfect example. […]

GEICO uses Pig Latin in a Maxwell commercial

It finally happened. GEICO used Pig Latin in a Maxwell the Pig commercial. The connection, one which was pretty inevitable, comes in an ad where Maxwell is eating at a diner and is forced to deal with two adoring fans.

GEICO heads in yet another new direction with “One Headlight” ad

It’s almost impossible to keep track of all of the different marketing and advertising strategies and campaigns GEICO is using to sell insurance. There’s the pig, the gecko, the camel and a host of others. You can add yet another to the list as GEICO rolls out an ad pitching their motorcycle insurance set to […]

TruBiotics Swings and Misses With This Erin Andrews Commercial P2rf225OoqA[/youtube] I like Erin Andrews.  I do not like this commercial starring Erin Andrews. So many things are wrong with this ad and it's only :15 long! First of all, if, as she says, the core of our health is truly on the inside, why as she at a gym, where people are working […]