McDonald’s pulls questionable ad about young boy and his dead father

Good intentions went awry this week, as McDonald’s pulled a recent a commercial in the U.K. following well-placed criticism that it was exploitative. The ad in question tackles a sensitive topic. In the spot, a son talks to his mom about what his now deceased dad was like. He tries on his glasses and asks questions […]

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake ad mixes up Ireland with rest of the U.K.

McDonald’s attempted to get into the Irish spirit ahead of St. Patrick’s day, but instead, an advertisement for the Shamrock Shake completely missed the mark. In an ad for the ice cream drink, McDonald’s accidentally mixed up Ireland with its U.K. counterparts. A now deleted 10-second ad showed a man wearing a Scottish tartan hat […]

McDonald’s lemonade ad is annoyingly literal

We’re historically critical of the music which appears in advertisements. The overarching rule is that music in ads shouldn’t be the focal point and the moment it is, the ad usually falls into the annoying category. That’s not always true, but we have so many examples which support our little rule that we’re just going […]

The infuriating McDonald’s Jalapeno Double Eco-nom-nom-nomics ad

Once upon a time, nom was a word you only occasionally saw online while browsing cute pictures of animals or you may have heard while watching a video of the Cookie Monster. The word has since grown in popularity and is now used in normal, yet annoying, conversations as well as ads for McDonald’s. It’s […]

McDonald’s rolls out minimalist ads in France

Fast food advertising has been all about showing various food items as close to the camera as possible. Look at how crisp the lettuce is. Check out that perfectly (and most likely fake) burger. McDonald’s is abandoning this strategy and trying something a little different in France.

The painful red couch song from McDonald’s

The random red couch commercial from McDonald’s is horrible. Specifically, the song about the random red couch and the Dollar Menu is one that’s excruciatingly painful to hear. If you’ve been spared from this commercial to date, here’s what you’re missing: Just awful. If you’re an advertiser thinking of trying to use a witty song […]

FX’s The League imitates Brett Favre’s Wrangler ad

FX's The League is comfortable in their jeans. Make that skinny jeans. In an ad that warmly imitates Brett Favre's Wrangler ad – you know, the one where Favre is simply comfortable beyond words in his jeans during a pickup game – The League announces its return on October 11th with a spot that informs us how […]