Castrol Edge’s ‘The Fate of the Furious’ tie-in is somehow ambitiously dull

Virtual reality. Explosions. Tanks. Michelle Rodriguez. What do these things all have in common? They’re all exciting and entertaining. So, how did the Castrol Edge advertisement make them all seem so dull? Castrol Ice teamed up with The Fate and Furious to create a unique driving trial. In theory, it sounds awesome. “In a world-first stunt staged […]

Hasbro Deutschland’s “PiPi Party” toy shoots water at kids from mini-toilet

Hasbro’s latest product is a real stinker. Earlier this month, the popular game and toy company’s Deutschland branch, released a commercial for the “Pipi Party.” Intended for kids, the game shoots water at participants at random. Essentially, it’s PieFace Showdown (also a Hasbro product) but much, much grosser. Here’s how Hasbro describes the product online. […]

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake ad mixes up Ireland with rest of the U.K.

McDonald’s attempted to get into the Irish spirit ahead of St. Patrick’s day, but instead, an advertisement for the Shamrock Shake completely missed the mark. In an ad for the ice cream drink, McDonald’s accidentally mixed up Ireland with its U.K. counterparts. A now deleted 10-second ad showed a man wearing a Scottish tartan hat […]

Zara’s “Love your Curves” criticized for failing to feature curves

Zara has launched a campaign urging women to “love your curves.” However, as admirable as the message was, criticism has been lobbed their way for an odd choice of picture and copy. The ad in question was found in Ireland. As a part of the popular Italian clothing company’s “Body Curve Jeans,” line, two women […]

Cosplaying Usain Bolt teams up with Pikachu in quality Pokemon: Sun and Moon advertisement

Usain Bolt and Pokemon are together and it feels so good. Starring in a commercial for Pokemon: Sun and Moon, Pikachu and a cosplaying Bolt teamed up for a fun, fast-paced Japanese advertisement for the popular trading card/video game company. Dressed in Team Skull garb, Bolt gives his all in the spot. The eight-time gold medalist emulates in-game […]

NSFW billboard for Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet pulled due to gore

As Netflix recently found out, not-safe-for-work ads can be condemned for being too controversial. Adweek reports a German billboard for the streaming service’s zombie-comedy Santa Clarita Diet was taken down after receiving more than 50 complaints about its “disturbing” content. Netflix routinely pulls out all the stops when marketing new original series’, with the recently-released Santa Clarita Diet being no exception. Mocking […]

Apple rekindles rivalry with Microsoft, throws shade at PCs

Microsoft and Apple have never been shy to poke fun and criticize each other during their bitter rivalry. In fact, some of their best ad campaigns have come from competition. Who can forget the iconic Get a Mac campaign? Or how about Microsoft trashing the iPad last year? Now, Mac is back on the offensive. In a […]

Khloe Kardasian Protein World ad draws body image criticism

Can you keep up with a Kardashian? Even if said Kardashian was seemingly intentionally airbrushed disproportionately? A subway ad from Protein World wants to know. The ad, featuring Khloe Kardashian in a skin-tight leotard has drawn criticism for encouraging unrealistic body images. Public calls to ban the ad have reached as far as the London […]

People bizarrely lick smartphones in gross OnePlus Valentine’s Day ad

Who do you love? If the answer is your smartphone, I’ve got the commercial for you. OnePlus debuted a tantalizing new ad for its OnePlus3T smartphone. In the spot, multiple actors are throwing compliments towards what appears to be other people in the interview room. Comments like “I’m in love with your body,” and “you’re […]

Brooklyn Nets unveil mediocre red Infor jersey patch ad

The Brooklyn Nets have set the early standard on how NBA teams shouldn’t handle implementing ads on jerseys. The Nets unveiled their forthcoming jersey advertisement for the 2017-18 season with the software company Infor on Wednesday. The patch is simple in design, as it’s a red square with the company’s name in white. While there’s […]

For better or worse, sexy Mr. Clean was the most memorable Super Bowl ad

It’s sexy time for Mr. Clean. The iconic mascot from the popular line of cleaning products of the same name has never been one to push boundaries in terms of sex appeal. The bald, old man dressed in white didn’t have the oomph to become an advertising sex symbol, until now. Mr. Clean debuted a […]

Jolly Rancher deletes ad suggesting ‘get busy sucking or get busy dying’

Jolly Rancher wants you to “get busy sucking or get busy dying.” The popular candy brand launched a hip, color-fueled ad campaign in recent months, but one of their promoted Tweets has been deleted after multiple users noticed its unintended innuendo. The spot featured a cartoon in a prison cell, with a wrapper busting it […]

Budweiser to release timely Super Bowl ad about immigrant’s journey to US

Budweiser’s latest Super Bowl ad might not intentionally be commenting on today’s political climate, but it’s set to send a potent message towards the power of inclusion this upcoming Super Bowl weekend. A teaser has been released for the brand’s 60-second spot “Born The Hard Way.” The ad will show the story of co-founder Adolphus […]

TurboTax’s ‘Humpty Dumpty’ ad is nightmare fuel

TurboTax’s latest spin on Humpty Dumpty is the stuff of nightmares. In the tax software companies latest spot, the nursery rhyme character is put into a modern day setting. After doing his taxes on a giant wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. After his fall, Dumpty’s comrades attempt to put him back together piece […]