Domestic violence on display in ad at downtown Toronto shop

FCB Toronto wanted to show that the holidays aren’t always happy for everybody, despite what it may seem. They created “The Window Project,” a display in downtown Toronto which shows how domestic violence can impact the holidays. The commercial starts with a news montage on domestic violence and its increase prevalence during the holidays. We’re shown […]

Amazon Prime Air gives us a glimpse of the future

I used to get the magazine Popular Science and on most pages there would be a device due out in 2012 or 2013 that would be the most revolutionary/futuristic thing I’d ever seen. I haven’t seen a single one of those ideas ever come to fruition and it’s now 2015. This feels like finally Popsci […]

Rick and Morty help advertise Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s in amazing spot

Sponsored content can be OK sometimes. Case in point, the folks at Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s collaborated with the Adult Swim show Rick and Morty to make a glorious 30-second spot based on the show. For those not familiar with Rick and Morty, the show follows the travels of the alcoholic super-scientist Rick and his […]

Child labor has never been so fun in Petit Bateau ad

In The Mini Factory, the latest ad for French clothing company Petit Bateau, child labor is used to express the brand – and it’s not as negative as that sounds. In the spot, a dog walks into a factory. Inside, a kid is making shirts, but doing so not against his will, but with the […]

Touching ad about grandparents raising grandchild is completely ruined by who made it

Some ads can grab you with their emotional effectiveness, then baffle you in regards to what they’re actually advertising. Case and point. Here an ad titled “Grander Parents.” The spot tells a bittersweet story about how these grandparents were on their way to retirement when they had to assume the parental duties of their granddaughter Haley, following her […]

What’s the point of Matt Leinart’s cameo in this Pizza Hut ad?

Pizza Hut’s has called in an odd choice of ‘celebrities’ for a Christmas ad for the new Triple Treat Box. The 31-second spot starts with former Arizona Cardinals QB Matt Leinart playing football outside while a Pizza Hut delivery boy drops off the Triple Treat Box.  There’s no indication why Leinart is there, or who he’s […]

Emirates Airlines’ ad is awe-inspiring

There are traditional mediums of advertising like television, radio, ect; and then there are (relatively) new ways to get your brand out there like viral stunt marketing. A frontier led by Red Bull who seem to pull something off every year. Their sponsored stunts take the internet by storm and reach millions. Emirates takes that idea […]

Comedy Central UK promoted Malcolm in the Middle with a Breaking Bad twist

There’s a fun fan theory which suggests that Malcolm in the Middle was a sequel to Breaking Bad, placing Walter White in witness protection as Hal. Other theories point to Malcolm in the Middle as some kind of prequel. As Comedy Central in the UK prepares to launch their Malcolm in the Middle reruns, they’re […]

Amazing Star Wars Battlefront trailer features Anna Kendrick

Star Wars mania is back. With the seventh installment of the Star Wars film series, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, coming in December, we’re seeing all types of merchandise coming from the iconic series. Probably the biggest thing from the universe outside the movie is the upcoming Star: Wars Battle Front video game, the sequel […]

Ben Carson creates horrible rap in $150,000 ad

You know what’s hip? Rap music and politics! Wait, no it’s not? Well, nobody tell GOP and presidential candidate Ben Carson, who’s campaign released an ‘inspiring’ hip hop song in an attempt to relate to young black voters. “Reaching them on a level they appreciate and follow and see if we can attract their consciousness about […]

Juicy Fruit wins Irrelevant Ad of the Year award

I don’t know what is more upsetting: this Juicy Fruit commercial, in which we are subjected to arm farts from middle aged men, or the fact that it has more than 30 MILLION VIEWS on You Tube. Seriously – what does any of this 15 seconds of hot mess have to do with gum? Am […]